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Central Coffee Company opened it's doors in May of 2009. That first few months consisted of owner, Jimmy Kleto, working on the espresso bar while his mother, Olga, made scone after scone in the kitchen, and his father, Nick, rang everyone up on the register.​
Since then, we've grown a bit. Jimmy's fiancee at the time, Louisa, moved down to Charlotte and they began working together. The shop had grown since it's opening to add on several employees as the customer base got bigger and bigger. Jimmy and Louisa worked and still work to make sure that all of our regulars and new neighbors know that Central Coffee Company is a place to come and be home.

We have grown so much in the last almost (wow) 15 years and hope to continue growing. While COVID hit us all hard, we made it through with the help of our staff and Plaza Midwood family. Thank you for supporting us in all that we do!

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